I Want It All

I want it all. I’ll take it all.

Fake another system call,
Penetrate the firewall,
Violate the protocol
I want it all.

We start this now:
I take your hand and show you how.
Streets are full of cover and despair.
You know this time is personal:
the time before was war.
The innocent and guilty are the score.

Never going to stop the fall.
I want it all.

To cover the insurgency.
Now all the players are on screen.
Coordinated signals bring
procedure calls online.
Parts are moving: finally, it’s time.

Step into the inner hall,
I want it all.

Once and for all,
The city screaming as they fall.
We are nameless, faceless and we’re gone.
Intrusion systems crash the core,
The complex coming clear.
We’ll never face the future that we feared.

Never going to take us all
I want it all.

I want it all. I’ll take it all.

Terminal Assignment